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Want to invite your friends?  Make a group of more than three students and we can teach you all at once!

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In South Florida swim teams are everywhere, but what sets apart the kids who make it from the kids who don't?  At Swimming for Success, we have the answer:  Preparation and Technique


The vision of Swimming for Success is to make children of all ages swim team ready!  Our program is tailored with specific drills that focus on building proper technique for each of the four Olympic strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle).

But don't worry--you're never too young to get started and our Water Babies classes are the way to do it!  We want to help parents feel secure with a young child in and around the water.


Meet The Owner

Christina Brewster
Telephone:  954-789-9366

Christina was a competitive swimmer for over ten years.  She swam for both the Mako Swim Team in a combination of YMCA and USA swim meets as well as the Barnstable High School swim team where she helped lead her team to several divisional titles.  Christina started teaching swimming lessons at the age of 15 and quickly found her passion!  She has taught for several swim programs both in the ocean and various pools and learned that she can teach any child to swim anywhere as long as they are willing to learn.  Swimming for Success started in South Florida as a small idea with a lot of potential, and now, Christina is happy to call this company a success!



Christina Brewster


Address: P.O. Box 50009 Lighthouse Point FL 33074

Phone Number: 954-789-9366

Email: cmbrewster13@gmail.com

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